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Nigeria Covenant

The following charter was adopted by the Congress on Christian Ethics in Nigeria (COCEN) held at the Abuja International Conference Centre, Nov 3 ~ 6, 1997

We, the Christians of Nigeria, believe that God in Christ is the master of our lives and that He has revealed His will in the Holy Bible. Therefore, we pledge to submit to the Lordship of Christ, leadership of the Holy Spirit and authority of God’s word in every part of life.

We believe the family is the first and most important social institution God created. Therefore, we pledge to develop and maintain our families according to the principles of God’s word which prescribe marriage of one man to one woman for life. We will practice faithfulness and fidelity by forsaking fornication, adultery, homosexuality and all other forms of sexual abuse. We further pledge to rear our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

We believe the legitimate ownership of property is recognized and commended in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, we pledge to acquire property only in legitimate ways and refrain from stealing or defrauding.

We believe positions of leadership and responsibility are given by God for service. Therefore, we pledge not to use our positions to give unfair preference to the members of our family, clan, tribe, ethnic or religious group or use our positions in any other way to gain unfair advantage over others.

We believe Jesus Christ is Truth Incarnate and that the pursuit of truth is mandatory for Christians. Therefore, we pledge to uphold and defend truth, regardless of its source and to resist lying, cheating or distortions of truth. Furthermore, we pledge to reject all attempts to pervert education through examination fraud, falsification of documents, cultic activities and exploitation of students in all its forms.

We believe that without justice, there can be no peace in any human society. Therefore, we pledge to be just in all our dealings with others and to resist all forms of injustice and corruption in society including giving or receiving bribes of money, positions, material possessions, sexual favors or intangible assets. We will also resist any form of injustice or unfairness in the law enforcement or judicial systems. We further pledge to discourage others we see practicing such things.

We believe that public assets including church property and the environment are a trust given to us to be used for the glory of God and the benefit of mankind. Therefore, we pledge not to exploit, abuse, steal, misuse or mismanage any of these public assets.

We believe that God has ordained governments to safeguard the well being of their peoples and resources. Therefore, we commit ourselves to respect our leaders and live by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria unless these conflict with the law of God. We further pledge to work for a moral turn around in the politics and governance of Nigeria through education and active participation.

We believe the Church is the united Body of Christ and that it has a sacred duty to provide the moral foundation and be the conscience of the nation. Therefore, we reject a sectarianism, commercialism, extravagant lifestyles, neglect of the needy and all other evils that weaken the testimony and purpose of the church.

We solemnly pledge to fulfil these commitments, no matter the price, and to support all others who join us in our stand for Christian Ethics. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.