Who We Are

The vision of Transition Network started when Dr. Manfred Kohl who is the VP of Programs & International Development with Overseas Council International (OCI) described to us similar movements in countries like Nigeria where lay Christians – particularly businessmen and professionals – became servants to the organized church leadership and facilitated a revival. A crying need was felt, for a movement that serves the church at the level of the top leadership of the church. To have credibility, such a movement needs to be independent of the formal church establishment, and needs to comprise of influential lay leaders with a servant heart and a vision that extends beyond their own current boundaries to the entire body of Christ in India.This is how Transition Network was born. This small group of businessmen and professionals have discussed concrete and practical action points that have the potential to address this issue effectively.We have already connected with senior Christian leaders of other countries like Philippines who are champions of this cause in their own countries and have led successful movements.Operation Nehemiah is the first initiative of Transition Network.The following are the Transition Network Committee Members:

  1. Dr. Ashish Chrispal
  2. Santosh Shetty
  3. Inbasekeran
  4. Madana Kumar
  5. Amy Purushotham
  6. Saji Philip
  7. Sunil Fernandes
  8. Arpit Waghmare
  9. Capt. Jose Palamootil Oommen

You can get involved with Transition Network through any and all of the following ways:

  1. Pray for the event, the movement and the Transition Network
  2. Participate and become a member of the Transition Network
  3. Partner with us through financial participation and resource mobilisation
  4. Raise other other Transition Network members through your contacts
  5. Invite and ensure participation of top leaders of Indian Church and Christian organizations in the movement and the ON events.